About Us

All you need is Seabo

As one of the leading seafood importers in Hong Kong, Seabo is continuously searching the global seafood market and locating the best suppliers with sustainable practices to bring our customers the world’s finest seafood.

In order to operate in this highly competitive industry, Seabo's expert buyers have dedicated themselves to securing the finest quality products and serving our customers at competitive prices.

Our global reach has enabled us to source and secure a large variety of frozen seafood, wild and sustainable. Seabo offers products such as Black Cod from Alaska, Chilean Sea Bass from Chile, Ling/Kingklip and Greenshell Mussels from New Zealand, Pangasius from Vietnam, and Soft Shell Crab from Myanmar are available on menus and in stores throughout Hong Kong, Macau and China. This has provided seafood lovers a vast variety of delicious and healthy seafood from around the world.

Our products are imported directly from countries around the world: