Product Brands

All you need is Seabo


Seabo carries only the best international brands of seafood. Such global brands strictly meet world standards of quality and food safety. Through our association with these brands, we reinforce their reputation as providers of exceptional quality products.

We continuously source and develop alliances with more major and exclusive brands as well as develop our own company brands.


To maintain a reputation for quality and to position ourselves at the forefront of our market, we offer exclusively packaged Seabo brand line products that are tailored to our market’s specification and needs.


As one of Hong Kong's largest seafood importers and distributors, Seabo understands the need for excellent customer service.

One of Seabo’s main assets is our experienced sales and marketing team. The efforts and dedication of each employee are the drivers for our company's success. When you buy from Seabo, you are also buying from people who understand trends in the marketplace. We train our sales team to do more than simply "sell products". Instead, we see our team as experts who are trained to help you with your demands and tailored to your business needs. Additionally, we provide product and price updates so you are always informed on developments in the market.

Seabo has a highly effective logistics team to support its sales and marketing activities. We maintain our own fleet of trucks which deliver daily to our customers.

In the seafood industry, you can be sure Seabo is there to stand by you as a partner. Contact our sales representatives today to be a part of the growing Seabo family.